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Hi everyone! First things first, my name is Kayla. I'm a first time mommy, a wife to my best friend, a nurse, and someone who tries to live life to the fullest, I'm just me. I've been married to my husband Zane for 3 wonderful years. We were high school sweethearts and have been together since our freshman year, that's almost 10 years, wow! He is my rock and has been so supportive in everything that I do! We moved back to our home town almost 2 years ago and bought our very first home. Of course we had to remodel it and make it our own so it was a good 8 months before we actually lived in it, never again am I agreeing to a house that needs a ton of work but that's another story. ;) Anyways, Z and I had talked about having kids in the future but weren't really planning on it for a few more years. During our remodel of the house we found out we were expecting, we were shocked, excited, scared, nervous, you name it we probably were feeling it! (this made the remodel a little difficult since I wasn't allowed to paint or anything, Z was very cautious of what I could do) Once the house was ready, we moved in and started thinking about nursery ideas. This made it really sink in that we were having a baby. We found out we were having a little girl and couldn't have be more thrilled! Fast forward a little bit and my baby girl Ellie was born on July 8th, she was a preemie, 4 weeks and 1 day early. She was born at a good weight, 6 pounds and 4 ounces. I couldn't imagine what she would have weighed if she made it 40 weeks! I'm basically starting this blog to journal all of the new things I experience with this new journey as a mommy and to help me remember all of the little things E does as she grows. This blog is going to be my place for me to vent, talk about my accomplishments, blog about my struggles, and just a place to write down what is going on. I am open to advice and comments so feel free to contact me!

Our first family photo!

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