Tuesday, May 13, 2014

10 months!

I'm a little late posting but that's ok. Ten months...I can't believe it! So much has changed in a month. E is now taking steps on her own! I think she gets tired of me trying to make her walk because after a few attempts she goes limp until she's on her hands and knees then she takes off in her "sprint-crawl" I call it. She loves to be chased, we could chase her for hours and she wouldn't get tired. She finds it hysterical :) She has also discovered eyes. I found that out the hard way when she poked me in the eye, but I took it as a learning opportunity and told her those were momma's eyes. Now she likes to poke my eyes when I pick her up. E has tried some new food here lately too. We've introduced her to meats and this girl LOVES chicken, like pick it up in hand fulls and shove it in her mouth! We've given her mac n cheese, she wasn't as excited about it as I thought she would be. She's also tried bread this week and think it's safe to say she liked it, she will be getting grilled cheeses now. :) 

E's little personality is starting to show a lot more now too. She's as sweet as can be but she sure does have a little temper. She's very determined I would say. She continually will try something even after you tell her no, for instance playing in the dog food or trying to get in the trash. I think she may even be a little stubborn like me (uh oh sorry babe!) Speaking of my husband, E's vocabulary has increased some and I'm pretty sure she's been calling my husband by his first name! I think it's hilarious but I'm sure he doesn't so we make sure to correct her. She is also doing this whispering thing that sounds like "what's that?" Like if she here's a noise or the phone rings she drops her tone of voice into a whisper and says "what's that?" It is the most adorable thing ever.  

My sweet girl is just growing way to fast and I'm not sure I'm ready for her to be one yet. Planning her birthday party is sad enough but when someone informed me today that she would no longer be considered an infant but a toddler after her first birthday, I thought I was literally going to cry! I just can't believe it.