Saturday, January 18, 2014

6 month checkup

E is growing like a weed! We had her checkup on Wednesday and she was 25.5" long and 15.05 lbs, my big girl :) I always dread these checkups because I hate watching her get shots. Being a nurse, I can give kids shots no problem but when it's your own child it's so heartbreaking. E did so good though, she got her shots and cried for a few seconds then smiled at her daddy!

While we were at the visit our pediatrician said it looked like E might get her second tooth soon and sure enough my sweet girl had her second tooth break through the gum on Thursday! E has been doing so good with trying new foods, I haven't found a fruit or vegetable she doesn't like so far but I did find out she doesn't like oatmeal cereal, I can not get her to eat it at all. We were also told we could feed her cereal and a food twice a day now but E isn't so sure she likes eating cereal twice a day because she has yet to finish a meal since then! We did try avocado tonight and it was definitely a hit :) 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

E's first tooth!

I'm so excited, E got her first tooth! She has been drooling and chewing on everything lately so I've been feeling her gums daily and haven't felt anything.  Today when I got home from work she put my pinky in her mouth and I felt something sharp so I rubbed my finger over her gum again,sure enough she had a little tooth! I was so excited I yelled "oh my gosh E you have a tooth!" Of course being the emotional momma I am I started crying! lol we had to call Daddy right away, he was at work and just as happy :) 

Our baby girl is growing up so fast, she will be six months old tomorrow and I just can't believe it. Can't time slow down some?