Monday, February 10, 2014

A little Monday humor

As I'm browsing through Pinterest getting ideas for my picture wall and looking at 1st birthday party ideas (I know I'm planning super early!) I came across this funny and had to share! 
Happy Monday everyone! 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Eating slump

My sweet girl has been on the move! She's rolling and scooting everywhere and even trying to sit up by herself! At our last check up, we were given the ok to start giving E 2 meals a day including cereal and fruit/veggies. She's been tolerating that well but for some reason this last week she has not been taking a bottle. At most she would eat 15oz a day which is not normal for her. I started to get really worried about her not getting enough nutrients and possible dehydration so I called the pediatrician. I was told to stop her meals and force the bottle. Easier said than done! E cried and cried for dinner tonight so I let her have some cereal and applesauce, she was content after her tummy was full! She's done well with her feedings today so hopefully we are getting through this slump. I'll keep you posted.